Friday, September 28, 2007

Well Wishers

Joan Cartwright is a phoenix! Always reborn from the ashes never stopped by old frozen paradigms. Teacher you have always been because you know. Happy are those students that will benefit from the treasure you are. May they be sophisticated enough to dig it. Bravo! -- Babacar M'Bow, Broward Library, Florida

Dear Joan:

I heard you are back in Florida. Hope all is well, and glad to hear that you're teaching music. I hope your students realize how fortunate they are to have a teacher like you.

I'm still working with the Florida Youth Orchestra, you can log on to find out more. Peace, love, and always flowers, Deb

Hi Joan,
Finally I have time now to sit and write to you without any pressure , its 7:25 in the morning and the school is very very quite... nice...

I'm happy that you have started a new musical adventure teaching Middle School students Im more than sure that they will have lot's of good music and fun learning with you.

Very nice lesson about what is music I enjoyed reading it. Thank you for the information and the link about the program and the link we will have a look on it and start something soon, now Patrick is in Singapore as soon he comes back I'll meet him.

We are organizing the visit of Joseph Curiale an american composer in November probably.

I have made a website of the music Department and of course I include your picture !
if you want to have a look this is the address
click on the MYP (Middle Years Program) and there are 2 photos .

Hope we can organize something together through this [BECON] program.
Wish you all the best in your new career and I'm here for what ever you need from Japan : )
Miguel Arambulo, Tokyo International School

Same career, but now you will be empowering the spirit of your love for Jazz into the hearts and minds of the future. Many blessings be upon you Joan. -- Dr. J.A. Salaam

Congratulations! Go Diva - Go Diva - Go Diva!!! -- Raining Deer, Author

Well you go lady! Get your teaching on do your thing!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m very happy for you and guess what? It’s about time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love ya! -- Juanita Hernandez

Hello Joan, I am soooo happy for you. I pray that you will be happy and prosperous in your new career. May God shower his many blessings upon you always. Love and Kisses, Sandra Kaye

HOW WONDERFUL! Joan, you taught me one of the biggest lessons when we were in Atlanta. It was this:

You played a beautiful piece on your piano and said absolutely nothing as you just flowed with the beautiful sounds. We were very impressed with the music and made it a point to share with you how beautiful it was - While you were playing. Yet it was these words that made a lasting impact (Paraphrasing):

I just played my life for you, and you talked through it. The lesson learned was this, no matter how impressed you may be with one's work, and how many accolades you give, the most impressive to the one sharing is your undivided attention and your ability to listen.

You are a wonderful teacher, Joan, and may Almighty God bless you with much success! Thank you for imparting your God given wisdom. Have a great day! -- Sister Kendra

Im so happy for you, good luck on your adventure and have fun! -- Michael J. Serrano

Hi Joan, Congrats and best wishes for a successful new career. Ginny

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